Welcome to Speakeysie!! Your Northeast Georgia Theatre Review and Promotion site.

Thanks for joining me! My name is Jody Key, and some of you may already know me. I have been active in the Northeast Georgia Theatre community in several capacities for the past 12 years. Almost 4 years ago, I thought about providing a platform catering to theatre patrons as well as theatre companies (schools, community theatres, professional theatres) in the Northeast Georgia area. Many of my friends and colleagues often ask me about upcoming shows and shows I would recommend. We are blessed in the Northeast Georgia Theatre community to have many high quality opportunities to enjoy theatre on a regular basis. We have middle and high school productions, colleges, community theatres, and professional theatres that consistently deliver 5 star performances. While I can’t make it to every production, I try to get to as many as I can. Covid and the high cost of fuel has made this even more difficult in the past few years and months. Even so, I’m committed to helping our area theaters not just survive, but thrive! Please join me in using and sharing this resource. I would like to also feature other writers who have seen some great productions in the area. If you’d like to contact me directly, please e-mail me at speakeysie@gmail.com. Also check out our Facebook page. Speakeysie – Northeast Georgia Theatre Review and Promotion, Follow us on Instagram –

–Jody Key

“Life is not about what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you” -Norman Vincent Peale

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