An Interview with Kari Twyman

Here you go, Kari Twyman fans: part two of our exclusive coverage of “Taking Flight”. Over the past few days, I’ve been asking Kari e-interview questions. I enjoy e-interviews because what you get are the exact words of the person I’m interviewing (words in parentheses and italics are my musings). This is my second favorite way to interview. Live is the first (speaking of live interviews, head over to our Facebook site and view our first live feed). So without any further ado, here’s my interview with the beautiful Kari.

How long have you been involved in theater? I started pursuing theatre when I was 16. I had stopped dancing with my dance company, and I started doing theatre at my high school. My first production was Suessical. During that time, I also auditioned for The Strand in Marietta and that’s when I did my first paid gig, Footloose the Musical.

How long have you been dancing?  I danced with Great Gig Dance Company for 10 years. My brother was the one who started doing dance classes, and when I got old enough, I started. (think Chorus Line — I Can Do That!)  I have taken pretty much any dance class there is…. ballet, pointe, jazz, ballroom, hip hop, tango, African… you name it!

What productions have you been in that are your favorite? I would have to say my favorite production at GTA was Godspell. Each day didn’t feel like work, but felt like growth and play. There wasn’t a second where I had any complaints or confusions about the story I was telling. It was so clear, so fun and so dear to me every single moment of that production!

What are you doing now that you’ve graduated? I have a lot going on! After graduation, I am Co-Founding Collection Theatre Company that will be a young artists training program based in the surrounding Northeast Georgia area. Our focus is to equip young artists with the training to be able to discover who they are as people through the arts. We have a Summer Intensive called “Lost & Found” that will be a two week rehearsal process for a showcase and series of workshops. We are going to be piecing together song from new Broadway shows and teaching our young artist how to be young professionals. Dates are June 18th-30th. More information can be found by emailing I am also going to be joining the Aurora Theatre’s production of “Mamma Mia!”June 9-24th. I will be performing in the Atlanta Lyric’s production of “AIDA”, August 17th-September 2nd and The Wallace Buice Theatre Company production of “Parade” September 27th-October 7th. I will also be the Residential Choreographer for the new regional theatre, Theatre Buford for the 2018-2019 season.  I am so excited to embark on my new journey!

Stay tuned for the final part of our series on Kari, where she shares her creative process for “Taking Flight”. Also be looking out for coverage on the projects Kari mentioned in this article. Thanks Kari for your time, and thank you for your readership. Keep spreading the word about Speakeysie with your friends!!

–Jody Key — Managing Editor (photo credit Chanel G. Photography)

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