Review: Blacktop Improv at Aurora: turns life into side-splitting art

Looking for a comedy club in Metro Atlanta North of the Perimeter? Look no further than the Aurora Theatre!! Aurora hosts comedy nights once or twice a month, depending on the month, but in June we get treated to three weekends of comedy!

Last night, June 8, I hung out with the Blacktop Improv troupe. This is a group of hilarious men who ask questions of the audience about their lives, and turn the information into improv comedy sketches right there on the spot. It’s a little like the show Whose Line is it Anyway, but much more fun because you’re there live and they’re producing the sketches about the lives of the people in the audience.

Some of the material they accepted was a woman whose first job was detasseling (taking the tops off corn in the field as a means of pollination control), a gentleman who has a 50″ TV when you walk 10 steps into his house, and 16 year old girl with both her grandmas who claim they’ll be going with her to prom. They asked another person to name 3 things he would do on a romantic date — 1. Horseback ride on the beach; 2. Candlelight Dinner; 3. Night at the casino. While these seem like ordinary things (well, ok–detasseling and grandmas at the prom may be unusual), these guys were on fire with the material and precise comedic timing.

If you missed the show last night, you can catch it tonight at 7:15 PM or 9:15 PM. Admission is only $18.00 and the concession stand and bar are open for refreshment.

Next Saturday, Brian Moote takes the Aurora mainstage for the finale of Comedy Nights season 2017-2018.

June 23rd will kickoff the 2018-2019 season with The Henry Cho Comedy Tour on the mainstage.

Get your tickets to these and more Aurora events at

–Jody Key – Managing Editor – 470-330-1499

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