Entertainment in Daily Life: how to be a domestic diva/divo

DIVA/DIVO (noun) 1. a word used to describe a person who exudes great style, class, and personality with confidence and expresses their own style, not letting others influence who they are or want to be. 2. A person whose character makes them stand out from the rest.  — source: Urban Dictionary

In the future, it would be nice to have a self-cleaning house. Roombas and actual people who clean houses are a start, but are too expensive for this modest schoolteacher’s budget. This is one of those rare days where I’m not teaching or tutoring, not in the middle of a rehearsal, or tech week, or reveiwing a show. This is one of those days where I sat down to write, and the OCD took over, as I was overcome by crumbs on the floor, cat hair on the furniture, and stains on the wall. In the last hour I have successfully mopped my floors and spot painted the walls in the kitchen, front entry, and stairway. Tackling the cat hair is next.

Let me clarify — I live with three men — My sweet hubby and two awesome male childs ages 19 and 16. While they do their share, none of them are neat freaks. I, on the other hand, really, I mean REALLY, enjoy a spotless house; however, I really, I mean REALLY, dislike, with a passion that burns deep in my gut, housekeeping. Let’s not even get started on how little time I have to actually clean said house.

I know most of you are like me–hustle and bustle in the 21st century leaves little time for domestic chores.

So what’s a diva/divo to do? How can housekeeping be entertaining? Well here’s the Speakeysie solution — DOMESTERCISE! I’ve Googled it, and as far as I can tell, the word didn’t exist before today is now my intellectual property (LOL–these legal things are important).  It’s kind of like Prancercise, but with brooms, mops, vacuums…you get the idea, right?

Formerly in my life, I taught fitness from 1986 to 2008 when I retired as a fitness diva. Today I decided that cleaning needs to be as entertaining as my Speakeysie life. To see how many calories housekeeping burns look at this article from livestrong.com. With DOMESTERCISE, you’ll move more and burn additional calories.

So, here’s the DOMESTERCISE drill.

  1. Find an apron that matches your style and wear it fearlessly (rubber gloves are optional).
  2. Your apron should preferably have a pocket to hold your phone, mp3 (yes, some people still use those), or Walkman if you’re stuck in a time warp.
  3. Find some music that moves you–my choice today was a mix of Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga on Apple Music, though I could have just as easily picked Hamilton or A Chorus Line stations from Pandora.
  4. Move your body to the beat and clean away!!

I hope this cures your domestic dull-drums! Please feel free to share in the comments section your ideas for making housekeeping more healthy and  entertaining.

–Jody Key — speakeysie@gmail.com – 470-330-1499

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*photo credit jennifernickert.com

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