Review: Amazing Acrocats ROCK in Athens!!


Last night, June 19th, I attended a one of a kind show at the Morton Theatre in Athens, GA. The Amazing Acrocats with headliners Tuna and The Rockcats performed to a delighted, sold out audiences.

Headed up by cat lover Samantha Martin, founder of Rock Cats Rescue,  she has fostered over 216 cats and kittens. Using the magic of clicker training. Although she is currently battling stage 3 cancer, she continues to save the lives of cats and kittens through rescue, foster, and adoption.

Promotional literature about the show states, “The Amazing Acro-cats have been featured on national TV shows like the 2017 Puppy Bowl broadcast on Animal Planet, where Tuna and the Rock Cats did the half-time honors with a performance from Kitty Gaga in her vegan meat dress!”

Samantha is as endearing as the cats themselves and has herding cats down to a science. Using her clicker method of training, she’s able to get cats to balance on bars, jump through hoops, push each other on little cars, pull cords to make signs pop up and scroll down, ring bells, and play musical instruments. Not only does she have a plethora of adorable cats, the show also features a groundhog and a chicken called Cluck Norris. The best part of her show is actually the unpredictability of the cats. She admits cats can be trained, but they are- well–cats, and some have a mind of their own. Some of the cats enjoy wandering into the audience, not paying attention to training. Audiences love this aspect of the show as they are allowed to pet the cats as they pass by, and they find their way to the stage eventually.

When they are done performing, a whistle is blown which signals them back into their carriers. Samantha explains this is a great training technique for emergencies. If you can train your cat to go into its carrier on command, it could be life-saving in case of fire, for example, as you can more easily transport them out of the house.

The show ended with a meet and greet for those who paid for the VIP experience.

Key-noteworthy performances?? Every cat, groundhog, chicken, and human on that stage deserves one, but especially Samantha as she has made her dream a reality and looks beautiful battling stage 3 cancer and still performing in between treatments. Please visit their website and help support the great work she’s doing.

The Amazing Acrocats are now residents of Georgia, so look for them in your area sometime soon. 

–Jody Key — Managing Editor

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