Review: New Dawn Theatre’s Scarlett Letter makes its mark

by Jody Key – Managing Editor

This weekend we were treated to another story about a community presented by the community. New Dawn Theater premiered The Scarlet Letter, which will play every weekend through August 26th.

New Dawn Theater Company is a non-profit community theater located in Duluth, Georgia with a mission in part “to put Fine Arts back in the lives of people of all
ages, to let them flourish and realize an untapped/unknown potential.  To allow creative thinking, positive mental attitudes, and dramatic performance skills to come to light.”

The Scarlet Letter, under the direction of Sherri J. Ingbritsen, gives New Dawn patrons a taste of this mission. The story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne has been adapted to the stage by Phyllis Nagy. The story is set in the mid-1600s Boston and concerns an adulteress, Hester Prynne, who is condemned to wearing a scarlet letter A on her chest signifying her guilt. This version of the story is narrated by Hester’s illegitimate daughter, Pearl, and appears as a recollection of the events that unfold.

Alexandra Johns depiction of Pearl is whimsical and demanding. She must convince the audience that she’s telling the story from a retrospective point of view, and at the same time help the audience suspend their disbelief and see her as a seven-year-old child. She does this well and adds subtle humor to the part at appropriate times.


Lorn Burkhammer’s depiction of Arthur Dimmesdale, the father of Pearl, Hester’s illegitimate daughter performed the part of the guilt-ridden minister convincingly and passionately.


Jim Nelson’s portrayal of Chillingworth, Hester’s conniving husband, was brilliant and sinister.


The other cast members, Laure-Megan McCarthy (Hester Prynne), Brandy Carlton (Mistress Hibbins), Arvelle Draper (Gov. Bellingham), and Rick Thompson (Brackett) brought this classic story to life with style and grace.


The Scarlett Letter runs for two more weekends: August 17-19 and 24-26. Look for a ticket giveaway event on Speakeysie’s Facebook site.

For tickets, call the box office at 678-887-5015 or visit

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