Ryan Manley Announces Plans for New Film

Young Atlanta filmmaker of “Comfortless”, Ryan Manley has announced plans for his newest project.  Manley’s second directional feature is anticipating a release date of July 2019. ‘To Bloom at Night’ follows two students, Lily and Matthew, as they struggle to find their true inner-selves through art, poetry, and love. While this is happening, however, social conformity consumes their high school, creating popular kids, bullies, and people hiding who they are. Set in the modern social media age, it captures a coming of age story in a raw, realistic way, that is in your face and doesn’t shy away from topics people are afraid to talk about.

 Confirmed Cast and Crew!

Ryan Manley will be writing and directing again. Madison Sturges and Madeline Smith are confirmed to be playing major roles in the film. Producers Lisa Morel, Zachary Burden, and Monica Bowes are also confirmed to be producing the film.

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