Review: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF AMERICA (ABRIDGED) tickles the patriotic funny bone

by Jody Key — Managing Editor — July 1st 2019

July always comes in with a bang, as everyone invariably has that neighbor that can’t wait until the 4th to light a firework. Our neighborhood amateur pyrotechnician decided Sunday evening at 10 pm would be a good time to start, and the boom was so loud it almost knocked me out of bed! Even so, I don’t begrudge my neighbors their right to patriotic celebration. We as Americans have a lot to celebrate, and Speakeysie recommends adding at trip to Woodstock to the Elm Street Cultural Arts Village to see THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF AMERICA (ABRIDGED) to your list of patriotic festivities.

You might want to leave the little ones a home, as this is an adult show full of hilarious off-color humor. Director Joshua Robinson takes the original 1993 production which is been updated for 2019 and packs in 600 years of history in 90 minutes. It’s an equal opportunity offender, poking fun at all sides of the political spectrum.

The cast consists of 3 players — Jim Gailey, Kate Johnson, and Daniel Sickbert. These three serve as hosts taking the audience through the history of America in variety show fashion. This is a clever, fast paced show filled with corny jokes, puns, singing (the harmonies are wonderful!), dancing, and off the wall skits. If you choose to sit in the first three rows, prepare to get wet as all the American wars are fought with water guns. You’re also in for a treat at intermission with a medley of renditions of the Star Spangled Banner including one by a teenage Kate Johnson.

The best testament to this show was heard by me in the bathroom at intermission, where a woman exclaimed, “My sides are killing me from laughing so much!” If you’re ready to brush up on history and would love a good laugh, get your tickets today at

THE HISTORY OF AMERICA (ABRIDGED) plays at Elm Street Cultural Arts Village Theater until July 7th.

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