FotoFlash: Moms Unleashed at Aurora Theatre

By Jody Key —managing editor

Four awesome moms took the Aurora main stage last week and reminded me of all the things I love about being a mom. While my kids are all grown up, I was taken on a trip down memory lane as these four incredible talents shared stories of motherhood and sang some of our favorite songs.

Courtney Locke, founder of ACTOR MOMMY PRODUCTIONS and three of her friends, Mala Bhatttacharya, Brittani Minnieweather, and my dear friend, Mary Nye Bennett, were spectacular!!

Thanks Aurora and ladies for making my first night back in Aurora a memorable experience.

Al Stilo began the evening with n true Aurora introductory fashion
Moms in the Club
Courtney in her “Pageant” dress sings a mommy version of Adele’s “Hello”
Mala singing one of my favorites: “So Bug/So Small” from DEAR EVAN HANSEN
Mary wowed the audience with “When You’re Good to Mama” from CHICAGO
Brittani, a new mom who has her daughter during the pandemic sings a mommy version of “I’m Losing My Mind”
Courtney doesn’t know what to do with her arms, especially when breastfeeding. Singing “What do You Do With Your Arms” by Carnor and Gregor
The ladies closed out the night with “I’m Every Woman”
Courtney and her little guy.

For more mommy fun check out what’s coming up at Aurora fir Mother’s Day weekend. and get your tickets at

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