The Atlanta Shakespeare presents The Comedy of Errors at Shakespeare Tavern

Speakeysie News Desk – January 4, 2022

The Comedy of Errors 

Directed by O’Neil Delapenha 

$15 General Admission Preview Thursday January 6, 2022 

$20 General Admission Preview Friday January 7, 2022 

Performances January 8 – February 6, 2022 


Two sets of twins, one case of mistaken identity, and a nun walk onto the stage. No, it’s not the start of a joke, but it is hilarious! The Comedy of Errors takes Shakespearean funny to such slap-happy heights, you’ll be dizzy with laughter. This tale of the merchant twins Antipholus and their attendant twins Dromio is full of errors, upsets, and fun. 

BE MASKED AND VAXXED: OUR COVID PROTOCOLS FOR PATRONS: _know_about_our_reopening_in_august/ 

Show Roles 

Solinus, Duke of Ephesus – Kaleb Mitchell 

Aegeon, a merchant of Syracuse – Vinnie Mascola 

Aemilia, wife to Aegeon, Abbess at Ephesus – Becky Cormier Finch 

Antipholus of Ephesus – Nicholas Hoop 

Dromio of Ephesus – Ruth Mary Charleston 

Antipholus of Syracuse – Chris Hecke 

Dromio of Syracuse – Mary Ruth Ralston 

Adriana, wife to Antipholus of Ephesus – Kati Grace Brown

Luciana, her sister – Ebony Jerry 

Angelo, a goldsmith – Adam King 

Balthasar, a merchant – Mila Bolash 

A Courtesan – Rivka Levin 

Pinch, a schoolmaster – Kaleb Mitchell 

Merchant – Kelly Clare Toland 

Jailer – Mila Bolash 

Luce – Vinnie Mascola 

Synopsis for The Comedy of Errors 

-Adapted from The Pocket Companion to Shakespeare’s Plays by J.C. Trewin 

Aegeon, a veteran merchant from Syracuse arrives in the enemy city of Ephesus. His appearance is cause for a death sentence unless he finds a way to buy his freedom by the end of the day. He goes to the Duke of Ephesus, a kind and understanding man. Aegeon talks about his twin sons and their twin attendants and how his family was separated in a shipwreck. Aegeon came to Ephesus in search of his sons. 

Meanwhile, Aegeon’s son the bachelor Antipholus and his attendant Dromio have also arrived in Ephesus. Because the other set of twins (Antipholus of Ephesus and Dromio of Ephesus) reside in Ephesus, confusion and mistaken identities begin immediately. Dromio of Ephesus mistakes Antipholus of Syracuse as his companion and vice versa. Adriana, wife of Antipholus of Ephesus, mistakenly escorts the wrong Antipholus home for lunch. Antipholus of Ephesus arrives home for lunch, only to be turned away by Dromio of Syracuse who is guarding the gate. 

Angered at being shunned from his own home, he decides to take revenge by having lunch with a courtesan and giving her a gift he was going to give his wife (a gold chain). To further complicate things, during lunch, Antipholus of Syracuse falls in love with Adriana’s sister, Luciana. However, Luciana is unwilling to listen to words of love from a man she believes to be her brother-in-law. 

His attendant, Dromio, on the other hand, is being pursued by the kitchen maid. Antipholus of Syracuse, by now hopelessly confused (aren’t we all?) plans to escape from Ephesus before the end of the day. On his way to the ship, Antipholus of Ephesus is arrested for payment of the gold chain Antipholus of Syracuse was given on the way to the ship (the gift he bought for his wife). He gets put in jail, attacked by his “supposed wife”, her sister, and the courtesan. 

This confusion between the twins comes to a head and is finally resolved when both sets of brothers are brought together in front of an Abby. The abbess also reunites Aegeon with his wife, Aemelia, who had taken refuge in the convent after the shipwreck. Everyone goes into the abby to celebrate the reunion.

Head’s Up: Something You Should Know 

While it is our intent is to go forward with the show as listed, if a performance or two needs to be canceled, (but we are still allowed to welcome small audiences) Shakespeare Out of a Hat will be presented for those who wish to use those tickets. 

Shakespeare Out Of a Hat: A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

No plans 

No rehearsals 

No way this will work (but it DOES!) 

What started as a Rolicking Good Time Tavern Late Night event in 2019 is now our Plan X if the current show can’t be performed that evening. We’ll gather our heartiest actors (both in guts and in negative COVID tests), pull their roles out of a hat just before showtime, and then present an abridged version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, intermission and all, for you, our equally vaxxed ‘n masked ‘n COVID negative audience. 

Food and drinks available before and during intermission. 

All patrons with reservations for any canceled The Comedy of Errors will be given hopefully 24 hours notice of the schedule change. Exchanges are an option. 

What’s the likelihood this will happen? We are taking every action to go forward with our shows as scheduled. There’s a 65% chance we would need to cancel a performance or two. We will announce any schedule changes on our website and social media outlets. 


Social Media Links: 

Twitter @shakespearetav 

Instagram: Shakespearetavernplayhouse 

YouTube: ShakespeareTav 


Performance days & times: 

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM, and Sundays at 2:30 PM.

Ticket Prices: 

Seating areas: Main Floor Seats, Box Seats (on floor) and Balcony Seats 

Regular Adult Ticket Prices range from $24-$45 depending on the day of the show, ticket availability and the seating area. 

Discount Ticket Options: 

$15 for Thursday Previews (See calendar for specific dates) 

$20 for Friday Previews (See calendar for specific dates) 

Student ticket prices: 

$15 General Admission Tickets on Thursdays, $20 in all sections on Fridays and Sundays (No student discounts on Saturdays) 

Educator prices: $5 off per adult price level per night (Not valid on Saturday nights.) Military Discount: $3 off adult ticket price 

Senior Discount: $3 off adult ticket price 

Group Discount (Parties of 10 or more): $3 off adult ticket price Purchase Tickets Online for most performances at

For information on: 

Education Programs and Workshops: Laura Cole, Director of Education and Training at 404-874-5299, x 58 or 

Volunteer Opportunities: Rich Snow, Volunteer Coordinator at 

404-874-5299, x 59 or 

Accessibility and The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse: The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is handicapped accessible. Please let the box office know if you have any special needs that we should be aware of in order to make your Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse experience the very best we can. Our handicapped entrance ramp/parking is located directly behind our building. Once you turn onto Renaissance Parkway from Peachtree Street, you will turn right onto Courtland Street. The Tavern’s back entrance will be immediately on your right once you clear the building on the corner and the traffic poles. The turn comes up quickly, so please drive slowly. Handicapped parking is directly in front of the ramp, behind our building, and anywhere spaces are available.

Location: The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is located at 499 Peachtree Street NE, just four blocks south of The Fox Theater and directly across the street from Emory University Hospital Midtown. 

Land Rights: We acknowledge that the location of The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is on the traditional tribal lands of the Muscogee Creek, colonially referred to as Atlanta. 

Parking: We recommend parking in the Emory University Hospital Midtown Parking Deck located directly across the street from the front doors of The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse on Peachtree Street. Regular parking price is $5.  

Food and Beverage Service: The Tavern opens one hour and fifteen minutes before the performance for food and beverage service. Chef for a Night Catering provides a British-pub-style menu for dinner. The Tavern has beer, wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks, bottle beer and draft beers on tap. 

Seating and Box Office: Seating is done on a “first come, first served” basis within each designated section (Main Floor, Box Seats, Balcony). Table seating is limited however all seats can accommodate food and beverages. For tickets or more information, call or email The Tavern Box Office at 404.874.5299 x 0 or or buy tickets online at 

The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is a registered 501 ( C ) 3 non-profit organization and is a member of The Actor’s Equity Association, the professional union of actors and stage managers. 

The Atlanta Shakespeare Company (ASC) at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is supported in part by the Fulton County Commission under the guidance of the Fulton County Arts Council. Major support also is provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs and the Georgia Council for the Arts. But, PRIMARILY, ASC is funded through the generous support provided by people just like you through the Shakespeare Club, the Royals and the Exceptions. 

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