South Fulton Institute’s 2021 Filmer Premier: featuring 10 artists and filmmakers showcasing their purpose and process

Speakeysie News Desk — February 17, 2022

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Atlanta art and film lovers alike have something to look forward to this month: the Filmer premier February 24 at 7 pm, Wild Heaven Brewery (1010 White Street SW Atlanta 30310). Tickets are $20 for the premier, artist panel discussion, and one of Wild Heaven’s signature draughts. Anyone interested in sticking around to mingle with the artists and filmmakers–and like-minded fellows–can pay $70 for the after party (this includes two beers and bites). 

Launched in 2017, Filmer is an Institute program that brings to life the untapped energy of emerging and established filmmakers by pairing them with artists from all over the country. Since its inception, SFI has produced 45 of these short documentaries about Institute partner artists and their work. In 2019, Dear Dreamer: A Portrait of Jason Reynolds, produced by filmmaker Kristian Melom, won “Best Short Doc” at the LA Diversity Film Festival. It also played on loop at the international terminal at San Francisco Airport and showed at the Roxbury International Film Festival. 

To register, click here: Filmer Premier — SouthFultonInstitute.Org

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