Review: Aurora’s SWINDLERS is an Amusing Amalgamation of Heist and Who-Done-It

by Jody Tuso-Key – Managing Editor — Photo Credits Casey Gardner Ford

Lawrenceville, GA – June 4, 2022

This is the final weekend you can enjoy SWINDLERS at Aurora Theatre, so get your tickets for tonight’s show asap!! I don’t want to give too much away, but would like to say this is a Speakeysie HIGHLY RECOMMENDED show!! It’s a straight play in one act that will tickle your funny bone and provide a laugh-out-loud good time!!

A behind-the-scenes look at this new work!

Last night’s show was even more special as we were graced with a few understudies; Joey Flores took the lead role of the burglar, Jerry, opposite his bumbling burglar nephew, Miles played by Mark Hernandez. When they happen upon a house to burgle, they find its owner murdered, and a pet lion in the yard trapping them in the house. Miles and Jerry end up posing as the owner of the house and his servant as a menagerie of colorful people arrives to attend a party celebrating the purchase of a $300 million dollar diamond. The heist turns into a hilarious murder mystery which is a whodunit where there’s no way to tell who really dunit. Flores assumed the role expertly, and his British accent was spot-on. Hernandez was Hilarious with a capital H, and had the daunting task of providing humorous continuity to move the plot along throughout the performance.

Mark Hernandez as Miles

Key-noteworthy performances include Irina Vazquez — an incredibly gifted violinist born in Matanzas, Cuba. She sets the mood and tone for many of the scenes and has impeccable comedic timing. Chris Kayser as the obnoxious Brit billionaire, Jeremiah Clive, a previous owner of the diamond whose character was a familiar parody of a well-known music and airline mogul was delightfully decadent. It was fun to see him on the Aurora stage again. The dynamic duo of Tamil Periasamy (Awadi Hassan — a middle eastern millionaire) and Marcus Hopkins-Turner (Yasser — Awadi’s bodyguard) added to the laughs as they came to congratulate the new owner of the diamond. Special kudos also go out to understudies Sylivia Castro (Marisleidy), Sarah Elaine (Jenna), and especially our good friend, Cole Ferguson (Marcus). Cole is a member of the Aurora Appco22 (apprentice company). Not only did he play Miles, he also killed it–literally! Cole also doubled as Harry Hymen, owner of the mansion.

Chirs Kayser as Jeremiah Clive

So if you’re looking for something to do tonight, head on over to Aurora Theater and see this amusing show!!

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