Georgia Film Festival Brings Indie Films to Gainesville

Alright independent movie aficionados, the Georgia Film Festival is taking place this weekend at the Ed Cabell Theatre on the University of North Georgia Gainesville Campus. This is an inaugural event meant to showcase local talent, but especially the works of UNG film students.

You may be aware that Atlanta surpassed Hollywood in films produced in 2017. Many of us have seen the cryptic signs with arrows on the side of the road which point the way to movie locations. I myself was an Adam Sandler groupie a few years ago when he was filming in the Gainesville area at Four Seasons on Lanier and have the crappy ios photos to prove it. The film industry is booming in Atlanta, and if your dream is to make movies, it’s as close to becoming reality as your own backyard. 

As a result, UNG offers Media Studies degrees that will help feed the Georgia film commission with local talent: scriptwriters, actors, directors, producers, and all those behind the scenes folks that you see in the credits at the end of a film. Through the Communication Media & Journalism Department helmed by the capable hands of Dr. Jeff Marker, students are gaining experience in filmmaking. The Georgia Film Festival is allowing these up and coming artists a chance to showcase their work, conduct talkbacks, and accept feedback.

Not only is student work on display, there are also feature-length films available for view. Tonight I was blessed to see The Founders, a documentary directed by Charlene Fisk and Carrie Schrader. Shrader lives in Dahlonega, and this film is available for rent on Amazon for $3.99 and won the “New Voices” award at the Seattle International Film Festival, and was labeled one of the “Top ten directors to watch out for” by This is the moving story of the thirteen amateur women, including the legendary Babe Dickerson, who founded the LPGA (Ladies Pro Golf Association) and includes live interviews and stock footage.

Other Key-noteworthy student short films viewed included the ironic The Weed Whacker Massacre by Wes L Walker and produced by “Crap Films”. A hilarious tale of a weed whacker possessed by a man disgruntled by his HOA; the mysterious Covet, by Jeremy Thao, a tale of jealousy and murder between a wife and husband; and the contemplative Sweeter than Isolation by Allysa Cole, the story of a lone survivor of a disease holocaust.

If you have a chance, come on over to the Ed Cabell this weekend and see some of the films. Tickets are available at and range in price from $10-$45. We hope to see you there!

Jody Key — Managing Editor –

Your Key to Live Entertainment”


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