Georgia Film Festival: day 2

Georgia Film Festival day 2 rewind…delighted in the film “Shifting Gears”, perused UNG Student Films, discovered how stuntmen use stage combat and camera angles to safely execute fight scenes, enjoyed the film “About a Donkey”, marveled at The Best of the 48 Hour Film Project Atlanta, and learned how a carefully chosen musical score adds depth and breadth to a film..

Once again Speakeysie was impressed and delighted by the festival’s offerings. The crowd was sparse in the morning, but by the afternoon the Ed Capbell was just about full to capacity.

The day began with Music for the Movies– a panel with Greg Sudmeire and Jeremy Gilbertson of Atlanta Audible. Greg has conducted several symphonies and founded “Skywalker Symphony” at Lucasfilm with composer John Williams. He now hangs his hat in Atlanta and he and Jeremy gave the UNG film students a wealth of information about the importance of meticulously scoring a film.

We moved on to the Ed Cabell for a viewing of The Best of the 48 Hour Film Project Atlanta. This project is a challenge held annually where filmmakers are tasked with creating a short film in 48 hours. We especially enjoyed  Incensed by Mann Women Productions due to the amount of editing and FX included in a film produced in such a short time frame.

A panel about Animals on Set was a good prelude to the feature film About a Donkey, the heartwarming story of a family of 3 adult children and a donkey rescued by the son, Tim, and how the donkey’s presence weaves a tapestry of love that connects their lives. This peice does an excellent job of highlighting how animals can offer therapy and hope from those suffering from depression.

Following the feature was a Stunt Workshop led by Michael Hollinger, Brandon Arnold, and Darin Hicks. Hollinger emphasised the importance of stunt safety as the forefront of any stunt coordinator’s mind. Hollinger’s background in theatre combat has given him momentum to become a sought-after stunt coordinator in the Atlanta area and beyond. He along with Brandon Arnold and Darin Hicks (stunt artists for Black Panther) demonstrated how camera angles and careful choreography can result in believable fight scenes and weapon work. The three delighted the panelists with videos they’ve produced about stunt work, including one made especially for the GFF entitled “Got Milk”.

Following the amazing stunt work, UNG student short films delighted a packed audience. Dr. Jeff Marker moderated the event and was especially proud of the work these up and coming artists showcased. Keynote-worthy films included Home by Nick Brisby, Death of a…. By Bailey Pless, Take the Chance by Cody Stubbs, and Halfway by Sophia Comack. Seeing these young artist’s capable work lets us know that the future of filmmaking is in good hands.

The festival wrapped for the night with the feature film Shifting Gears directed by Jason Winn. Winn is a part-time professor at UNG Gainesville. The film is a heartwarming story of a family whose life is upheaved to Alabama to run an inherited family business. Starring  and written by R. Keith Harris (The Walking Dead) and featuring C. Thomas Howell and John Ratzenberger, this was a Key-noteworthy offering that is appropriate for the whole family.

A festival after-party was held at Left Nut Brewery and sponsored by Moonshine Post Production.

The GFF will conclude today (Sunday, 5/20/18)  starting at 12:00 noon, with an offering of foreign films and panels on music videos, social media, and special FX followed by an awards ceremony at 9:00 pm. Tickets range from $10.00-$40.00 and can be purchased at the door or on

-Jody Key – Speakeysie Managing Editor

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