Review: Lips Down on Dixie is Hands Down a Must See for Rocky Horror Fans

Think back to the time your Rocky Horror cherry was popped. For me, it was 1979 at the Fountain Theater in historic Mesilla, New Mexico. I’ve only seen it in the theater once since then in college in 1986 as an undergrad when I happened upon it at Boomer Theater upstairs at Campus Corner at the University of Oklahoma. I attempted to show it to my children on Netflix, which doesn’t have the same appeal in a basement TV room with no audience to shout out comebacks and throw things at the screen. I also confess to not having seen the live remake by FOX TV.

Now that I live in the Atlanta area and have volunteered at Dragoncon the last 5 years, I’d heard great things about Lips Down on Dixie Rocky Horror. Then my daughter, Kayla Jean, began crewing for the show. On Friday night she made her debut as Columbia. Of course, I went to the show for the 3rd time in my life and for the first time as a Lips Down on Dixie Virgin (no one told me I needed to write a red V on my forehead, but that’s OK).

Friday evening, May 25th, Speakeysie attended the Lips Down on Dixie Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta on Ponce de Leon Ave. LDOD is a non-profit community theater boasting “Atlanta’s longest-running cast”. They’ve been at it since 2000.

LDOD mission:  Through performances of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Lips Down on Dixie (LDOD) strives to provide a safe environment and fun entertainment source where young adults between the ages of 17 and 29 are able to fully be themselves and not be pressured to drink alcohol or consume illicit drugs. There were plenty of folks in attendance above the age of 29 including this humble reporter — because they really are inclusive. Also, alcohol is served in the theater’s bar, but no one pressures you to buy it. 

LDOD vision: Young adults in the Metro Atlanta area are empowered to live the quote “Don’t dream it, be it.”  Their outlined values: Inclusiveness, Artistry, Accuracy, Growth, Self-love and self-confidence, and Fun.

LDOD History: In June 2000, Lips Down on Dixie (LDOD) was formally organized. LDOD was formed to perform screen accurate productions of The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday night as an alternative entertainment source for the metro Atlanta area. Specifically targeting the 17-29-year-olds in the area as a place to come have fun and not be pressured to drink alcohol or consume illicit drug substances. On December 1, 2000, LDOD premiered at the LeFont Plaza Theater (now Plaza Theater) in the Poncey-Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta. Since then, LDOD has performed their screen accurate production every single Friday night at The Plaza Theater and has now advanced on to being the headlining show for DragonCon.

While midnight on a Friday is late for most of the older generation, we discovered that a power nap and coffee or your energy drink of choice will wake one up enough to get to the theater and once one is there, one suddenly feels young again as this show takes one back to (insert gender pronoun here) youth.

Their Master of Ceremonies, Candace Miller, is just the right blend of humor and sarcasm and throws a heck of a pre-show complete with $1 raffle ticket items. On Friday they gave away a “Design Your Own Llama Kit”, Rick and Morty Socks, a creepy Family Guy costume, rainbow suspenders, a Tinky Winky Doll, sidewalk chalk, and a $100 massage gift certificate. The rest of the week  Candace is the Office Manager of Georgia Eye Partners. She and the rest of the dedicated cast and crew, the “Dixie Trixies”,  are volunteers to this community theater who aren’t paid a cent, but do this out of their love for the show and the camaraderie that being a part of a theater production brings. This is a hard-working cast and crew, and the costumes, props and set pieces are impressive. 

Keep in mind that the show is Rated R, and you should expect to hear raunchy language, sophomoric humor, racial humor– you may even very well be cheerfully insulted and made fun of. It’s all in good fun and reminds me of the 1970s when Rocky Horror made it’s debut — a kinder, gentler time when America had a sense of humor.  While LDOD’s mission is inclusive, and all are welcome, this may not be the show of choice for the politically correct, the prudish, or the snowflakes who are in need of a safe space because someone looked at them sideways. Nevertheless, if you leave any prudish notions and politically correct feelings of defensiveness out the door, you will have a fantastic time!

We’re also giving away 5 passes to LDOD Rocky Horror LIVE at their show on June 8th. We will be streaming the ticket drawing LIVE on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, and you need not be present to win. To enter, text your name to 470-330-1499.

Lips Down on Dixie Rocky Horror plays every Friday night at Midnight at the Plaza Theater,  1049 Ponce De Leon N, Atlanta Tickets are $15.00. Box office opens at 10:25 PM and theater doors open at 11:55 PM.

To see a sneak preview of the pre-show, visit our Facebook page.


-Jody Key — Managing Editor — — 470-330-1499

“Your KEY to Live Entertainment”

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