Review: Mountain View’s Sophie and the Pirates is fun for all ages

by Jody Key — Managing Editor

Mountain View High School’s Sophie and the Pirates opened today and promises to deliver a rollicking time to audiences of all ages. The play for young audiences is written by local playwright Gay Hammond of Gainesville Theater Alliance. This story takes children’s love for those skallywags of the seas who pillage and plunder and dares the audience to imagine what life might be like on a pirate ship.

Mountain View director Micki Ankiel, a graduate of Gainesville Theater Alliance has done an excellent job of “captaining” this talented young cast. Prepare to be swept away for an hour of adventure on the high seas, complete with swashbuckling swordplay.

Lily Gardner plays Sophie, who wishes to become a pirate and finds her dream come true aboard the Dainty Betsy. Lily’s portrayal of a proper English girl navigating her way as a pirate apprentice was spot on.

Jackson Miller as Scourge, captain of the Dainty Betsy, delivers a stellar performance with a keen sense of comedic timing. He’s able to capture the essence of a character who is as ferocious as he is compassionate.

The rest of the ensemble works well together to show Sophie the ropes and help her to realize that pirating is as much work as it is fun.

This show is a personal favorite of mine, and Mountain View Theatre has done a great job of bringing Sophie and the Pirates to life. If you recently saw Sophie last fall in GTA’s Wonderquest, you will enjoy seeing it again with this talented cast.

Sophie and the Pirates only has two more performances — Friday, January 25th at 7 PM and Saturday, January 26th at 2 PM. For tickets, visit

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