New Dawn Theatre Director’s Showcase and February Events

Ever see one of our shows and want to get in on the action? Come to our Murder Mystery Game party! As you eat, drink, and be merry, your hosts will guide you through a thrilling and hilarious murder story and you’ll help catch the killer! 

Only 20 slots/tickets available so call now to reserve your spot! 
All party goers will receive a handpicked character, food, refreashments, and a night of fun!  

No acting experiance required! Ages 18+ only please. 

Characters will be sent at least a week prior to event, with a brief character synopsis and costume idea. Example:  DESIREE CANDYMAN – MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST: Details, details, details! If you’re speaking to Dr. Desirée Candyman, you better get ready for a plethora of intricate fine points and facts! This is one over-explaining scientist. She has dreams of becoming a famous comic and will perform her standup comedy routine for anyone with an open ear and extra minute. Costume ideas: Nerdy attire. Lab jacket and glasses as optional props.

Synopsis: In the lovely town of Amorville, Hanna and Harry Heart were enviable high school sweethearts. Ten years later, they are still the perfect couple. It’s time for the Hearts to host the traditional Valentine’s Day soiree at the Mio Amore Cafe in the heart of downtown. They have invited all of their old friends from high school and cannot wait to catch up with what has been going on in their hometown. But something’s amiss in the town, as the past year has been filled with scandal, deceit, and contempt between everyone. The Hearts hope everyone on the guest list can put their differences aside, so they can host their yearly bash without chaos and misfortune!  You’ve been invited to the event. Even though your foes have sent in their RSVPs, you plan to attend the party.  This is where your story begins. 


From the publisher: Just as Juliana Smithton’s research leads to a potential breakthrough, her life takes a disorienting turn. During a lecture to colleagues at an exclusive beach resort, she glimpses an enigmatic young woman in a yellow bikini amidst the crowd of business suits. One step at a time, a mystery unravels as contradictory evidence, blurred truth and fragmented memories collide in a cottage on the windswept shores of Cape Cod.

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