Review: Aurora’s ON YOUR FEET–the rhythm is gonna get you!!

by Jody Key — March 7, 2020

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I’m a child of the 80s, having graduated from high school in Oklahoma in 1985. During my time at the University of Oklahoma, I began my career as an aerobic instructor. Of course, my music repertoire included the incredibly upbeat Cubano sounds of Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. For anyone who remembers this Cuban inspired sensation, and for those who don’t remember but love Latin music, you’ll be ecstatic to know that Aurora Theatre is offering the regional premiere of Emilio and Gloria Estafan’s Broadway hit ON YOUR FEET from March 5th to April 12th. But Wait!! 80% of their shows are sold out, so if you haven’t gotten tickets, you’ll be overjoyed to hear that they have extended their run through to April 19th.

With music and lyrics by Gloria and Estefan, ON YOUR FEET chronicles their story n the form of an on stage rockumentary. From her humble beginnings as a child washing clothes in the local well, to her illustrious career as an 80s vocal sensation, and finally her near fatal crash of her tour bus and comeback at the American Music Awards, this show is a behind the scenes account of Gloria’s rise to fame, her relationship with her mother, grandmother, and invalid father, and her marriage to Emilio. And oh, the songs!! Every one of their upbeat hits and heart warming ballads is included.

This is a high energy show, with beautiful costumes, stunning dancing, and incredible vocals. Director Justin Anderson has once again assembled a top-notch cast along with flawless music direction by Ann Carol Pence, and stellar choreography by Chani Maisonet.

Maria Bilbao plays Gloria, and embodies her essence throughout the entire show. Her tireless energy drives every scene. The chemistry between her and Max Cervantes as Emilio is palpable. Cervantes has a smooth as silk voice and delivers his vocals with believable passion.

Felicia Hernandez as Consuelo, Gloria’s grandmother, is delightful, and it’s great to see her on the Aurora stage again.

Other notable performances are delivered by Lilliangina Quinones as Gloria’s mother, Arusi Santi as Gloria’s father, and Connor Kocks as Phil. Fans of Marcello Audino will also be happy to see him return to the Aurora stage and, as understudy for Emilio, Marcello will be taking over the role beginning March 31st.

If you’re in the mood to be in a good mood, this is the show to do just that. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and get your tickets today!

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