Interview: Cinderella’s Marcello Audino

By Jody Tuso-Key —Managing Editor

I first saw Marcello Audino a decade ago as Steven Kodaly in Gainesville Theatre Alliance’s production of SHE LOVES ME. I loved that show so much, I saw it three times!! Marcello was a standout performer then, and still is today. I got to know Marcello better when I served on GTA’s theater wings. One of my favorite memories of him is a video he and some GTA cast members sent me for my birthday when Marcello was Gaston in Beauty and the Beast.

Cast members (left to right) Alex Fowler, Barrett Crowder, Joe Harris, Chris Hallowes, amd Marcello Audino from GTA’s Beauty and the Beast.

Today Marcello is gracing the Aurora stage with his talent in Cinderella.

Tell us about your role and how you prepared for it.

I get the absolute pleasure of playing Jean-Michel, a poor revolutionary looking to change the world and the circumstances around him. He also has his heart set on Cinderella’s cute sister Gabrielle. When preparing to play him, I read the script a lot and did my best to get to know him. He speaks his mind, loves hard, and has the absolute best intentions. He also has a healthy sprinkling of clumsiness and silliness. He reminds me of me!

What can audiences expect Aurora to bring to this classic musical?

You can expect the Aurora to bring what the Aurora always brings to its audiences, a charming, epically talented and DIVERSE cast of exceptional artists. This isn’t the Cinderella you’re expecting but it’s still a Cinderella you’ll love!

What advice to you have for aspiring performers?

My best advice to give an aspiring performer is to reflect on their “why”. If your “why” don’t make you cry, you gotta get a new “why”.

Thanks Marcello for giving me a “why” when it comes to viewing, reviewing, and promoting amazing plays! I’m sure Cinderella is another show I’ll see repeated times.

Cinderella plays at Aurora’s Lawrenceville Arts Center main stage until April 4th and is a Speakeysie MUST SEE!! Get your tickets before they’re gone at

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