The Atlanta Shakespeare Company at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse presents MACBETH

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Atlanta-September 29, 2022

Macbeth (A revival production)

$15 General Admission Preview Thursday October 6, 2022
$20 General Admission Preview Friday October 7, 2022
Runs October 8-30, 2022

Directed by Mary Ruth Ralston

One fateful evening, three weird sisters greet Macbeth and Banquo with visions of what could be. Is it the witches and their magical prophecies or is it Macbeth and his wife’s all too human desire for power that set in motion some of the most blood curdling, murderous, and tragic events that Scotland has ever witnessed? 

Join us for a post show Q&A on Sunday October 16, 2022

Cast & Crew

Directed by Mary Ruth Ralston

Costume Design and Construction – Anne’ Carole Butler and Clint Horne

Stage Manager- Julia Barton

Assistant Stage Manager- Patrick Galletta

Lighting Designer- Greg Hanthorn Jr

Fight Choreographer- Mary Ruth Ralston

Intimacy Choreographer- Kati Grace Brown

Duncan, King of Scotland- Kenneth Wigley  

Malcolm, Duncan’s son- Daryel T Monson

Donalbain, Duncan’s son – Gracie Wallace

Macbeth, Thane of Glamis- Nick Faircloth 

Banquo, Thane of Scotland – Adam King

Fleance, son to Banquo – Gabi Anderson  

Macbeth’s Lady – Amanda Lindsey McDonald 

Macduff, Thane of Fife – Charlie T. Thomas

Macduff’s Lady – Gracie Wallace  

Lenox, a Thane of Scotland – Kelly Clare Toland

Ross, a Thane of Scotland – Sean Kelley 

Angus – Brandy Bell 

Menteith, a Thane of Scotland – Rachel Frawley

Caithness, a Thane of Scotland – Gabi Anderson 

Siward, General of the English forces – Mila Bolash

Young Siward, his son – Kelly Clare Toland

Young Macduff – Brandy Bell

The Weird Sisters – Patty de la Garza, Rachel Frawley, Mila Bolash 

Porter – Kenneth Wigley 

Old Man – Brandy Bell 

Scottish Doctor – Kenneth Wigley
Murderers – Rachel Frawley, Brandy Bell
Gentlewoman – Patty de la Garza

Seyton – Patty de la Garza
Bleeding Captain – Gabi Anderson 

Understudies- Jeff Watkins, Mary Ruth Ralston, Tyra Watkins

Macbeth Synopsis

Upon a “blasted heath” near Forres, three Witches, Weird Sisters, meeting the King of Scotland’s generals, Macbeth and Banquo, hail Macbeth in a triple prophecy, ending with the promise of kingship. Banquo is told that he “shall get kings, though thou be none”. After King Duncan has made him Thane of Cawdor (as the Witches promised), Macbeth knows that he and his unflinching wife are ambitious for the greater honour. She drives him onward; and that night he murders the sleeping King, their guest at the castle of Dunsinane. At dawn (Act II) Macduff and Lennox discover the murder, assumed to be by the King’s sons, Donalbain and Malcolm, who fly for safety. Macbeth goes to Forres to be crowned. Remembering the Witches’ prophecies, he has Banquo killed (Act III), but Banquo’s son Fleance escapes; that night Banquo’s ghost appears to Macbeth at a state banquet.

Macbeth goes (Act IV) to the Witches’ “pit of Acheron”, where he hears that he must beware

Macduff, that he is to fear no man born of woman, and that he will remain unvanquished until

Birnam Wood has come to Dunsinane. Macduff, meanwhile, has joined Malcolm in England,

where he hears that in Fife the tyrant has had his family murdered. Revenge will follow. At

Dunsinane (Act V) Lady Macbeth, burdened by guilt, reveals much during her sleepwalking

(“Infected minds,” says the doctor, “to their deep pillows will discharge their secrets”).

Malcolm’s invading army advances under the shelter of branches from Birnam Wood; Macbeth,

who has just learned of his wife’s suicide (“She should have died hereafter”), hears that Birnam

Wood is indeed coming towards Dunsinane. Trusting desperately to the charmed life that “must

not yield to one of woman born”, he faces in battle Macduff, who cries to him: “Let the angel

whom thou still hast serv’d/Tell thee Macduff was from his mother’s womb/Untimely ripp’d”./

Macbeth is slain and Malcolm hailed as King of Scotland.

-The Pocket Companion to Shakespeare’s Plays by J C Trewin


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Performance days & times:
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM, and Sundays at 2:30pm. 

Ticket Prices:

Seating areas: Main Floor Seats, Box Seats (on floor) and Balcony Seats

Regular Adult Ticket Prices range from $24-$45 depending on the day of the show, ticket availability and the seating area.

Discount Ticket Options:

$15 for Thursday Previews (See online calendar for specific dates)

$20 for Friday Previews (See online calendar for specific dates)

Student ticket prices: $15 General Admission Tickets on Thursdays / $20 Balcony tickets on Fridays & Sundays. $5 off Floor & Box tickets on Fridays & Sundays (No student discounts on Saturdays)

Educator prices: $5 off per adult price level per night (Not valid on Saturday nights.)  

Military Discount: $3 off adult ticket price

Senior Discount: $3 off adult ticket price

Group Discount (Parties of 10 or more): $3 off adult ticket price

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Accessibility and The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse: The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is handicapped accessible. Please let the box office know if you have any special needs that we should be aware of in order to make your Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse experience the very best we can. Our handicapped entrance ramp/parking is located directly behind our building. Once you turn onto Renaissance Parkway from Peachtree Street, you will turn right onto Courtland Street. The Tavern’s back entrance will be immediately on your right once you clear the building on the corner and the traffic poles. The turn comes up quickly, so please drive slowly. Handicapped parking is directly in front of the ramp, behind our building, and anywhere spaces are available.                               

Location: The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is located at 499 Peachtree Street NE, just four blocks south of The Fox Theater and directly across the street from Emory University Hospital Midtown.

Land Rights: We acknowledge that the location of The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is  on the traditional tribal lands of the Muscogee Creek, colonially referred to as Atlanta.

Parking: We recommend parking in the Emory University Hospital Midtown Parking Deck located directly across the street from the front doors of The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse on Peachtree Street. Regular parking price is $5.                       

Food and Beverage Service: The Tavern opens one hour and fifteen minutes before the performance for food and beverage service. Chef for a Night Catering provides a British-pub-style menu for dinner. The Tavern has  beer, wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks, bottle beer and draft beers on tap.

Seating and Box Office: Seating is done on a “first come, first served” basis within each designated section (Main Floor, Box Seats, Balcony). Table seating is limited however all seats can accommodate food and beverages. For tickets or more information, call or email The Tavern Box Office at 404.874.5299 x 0 or or buy tickets online at

The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is a registered 501 ( C ) 3 non-profit organization.

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